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Vegetable Oil Substitute

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How can I make a recipe with vegetable oil lower in fat?

Vegetable Oil Substitute

Substituting half applesauce for vegetable oil in baking reduces the fat content.



6/19/2007 9:44:04 AM
= ) said:

wow! works wonders

7/5/2007 3:50:02 PM
darryl said:

This is just the information I was looking for. Will try this. Thank you!

11/23/2007 4:57:43 PM
DJ said:

Works great... never notice the difference

1/19/2008 4:29:23 PM
Jasmine Orbega said:

That saved my brownies! they were delicious!

3/23/2008 2:19:06 PM
Joe Gakenheimer said:

Excellent advice, this is what I typically do; or I will use flax seed.

6/29/2008 8:38:36 AM
fred said:

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11/3/2008 8:08:54 PM
Stephanie said:

This can definately make a recipe more moist! LOVE IT!

1/27/2009 3:18:26 PM
barbara goodwynn said:

applesauce is a great substitute for vegetable oil especially in brownies!!

8/22/2009 2:13:04 PM
Elizabeth said:

I've heard this before, and now that I'm more serious about my health and eating the best, I'll use this! Thanks!

10/4/2011 7:36:46 PM
Vanessa said:

What if I don't have applesauce? Is there anything else I can use?


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