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What does saute mean?


To saute food, quickly cook in a small amount of oil over direct heat. Good cookware is essential to successful sauteeing.

What does marinate mean?


Marinate is let food soak in a prepared liquid to add flavor and tenderize. ie: soy sauce, olive oil, etc...

What can I use if I don´t have buttermilk?


Substitute for 1 cup buttermilk: 1 cup plain yogurt OR 1 cup whole milk mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

What does baste mean?


Baste means to put drippings, butter or marinade over food while cooking. Usually meats or vegetables. This can be done with a spoon, basting brush, suction squirter.

What does a baking dish look like?

Baking Dish

A baking dish is a heat-resistant dish with low sides. It can be glass or metal.

What does poach mean?


Poaching is when you cook a food such as fish, poultry, or eggs in simmering liquid.

What does scald mean?


To scald is to heat a liquid, usually milk, to just below the boiling point.

What does beat mean?


Beat means to mix vigorously with a spoon, fork, or beater.

What a substitution for flour?

Flour for Oatmeal?

Many times you can use 1 1/2 cups of rolled oats to replace 1 cup of all-purpose flour.

What does it mean to flour pans?

Flour Pans

When a recipe says to flour pans, dust greased pans with flour until well coated. Shake out the extra flour.

What does simmer mean?


To simmer means to cook in liquid almost to boiling, but not hot enough to bubble.

What does dice mean?


To dice means to cut into small pieces, (1/4 inch or less.)

What does roll out mean?

Roll Out

Roll out means to flatten and spread with a rolling pin. You usually hear this word with pie crusts, cookies, or dough.

What does shred mean?


Shred is defined as to cut into very thin strips.

What does dredge mean?


To dredge means to dust or cover a food with a dry ingredient such as flour or bread crumbs before cooking.

What does carmelize mean?


To carmelize sugar, heat sugar over low heat until it melts and develops a flavorful, golden-brown color.

What does pare mean?


Paring means to cut off the outer skin. (Like from potatoes or apples.)

What does whip mean?


To whip means to beat with a mixer to add air.

What does bake mean?


Bake means to cook in an oven.


Tri Tip Roast

A tri tip roast is a roast that has come from the bottom sirloin section of a cow. It is cut in a triangular shape. These roasts are perfect for a small get together with friends.

What does fold mean?


Cooking tips: To fold means to mix gently, bringing spatula or other cooking utensil down through the mixture, across the bottom, and then back up over the top, until blended. You can also you an electric mixer on the lowest speed.

What does steep mean?


To Steep food is to let the food soak in hot liquid to absorb flavor.

What does boil mean?


Boil is defined as heating liquid until bubbles break on the surface of the liquid. The right cookware is very important when boiling or cooking.

How much lemon juice is in a lemon?

Fresh Lemon Juice

When a recipe calls for lemon juice, 1 medium lemon makes for about 2-3 tablespoons of juice.

What does grate mean?


Grating is defined as to reduce to fragments, shreds, or powder by rubbing against an abrasive surface. In most cases this means taking the ingredient and using a cooking utensil, such as a grater, to shred the ingredient.

What does cut-in mean?

Cut In

Cut in is a cooking terms usually used in making pie crusts or pastry. Its definition is to mix butter or shortening, into dry mixture by chopping it in with a knife or a pastry type blender

What does blend mean?


Blend means to mix thoroughly until smooth.

What does knead mean?


Cooking tips: Kneading is to work dough with your hands. Fold the dough back towards you, press forward with the palms of your hands, turn the dough. Repeat for as long as the recipe says.

What does toss mean?


To toss means to mix lightly. You hear this term usually when making salads.

What is a dutch oven?

Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is a deep cooking utensil with a tight fitting cover.

What does puree' mean?


Puree' is to grind or mash food until it forms a smooth, thick mixture.

What does drain mean?


Drain is defined as to pour off the liquid. It's easiest pouring the contents into a strainer but there are other cooking utensils that work well for this.

What does julienne mean?


To julienne means to cut into strips or match-like sticks.

How can I keep meat moist and juicy?

Moist heat

Moist heat means gently simmering, not boiling, which keeps meat from shrinking and keeps it moist and juicy. Its important to use good cookware for this task!

What does sear mean?


Cooking tips: Searing is to cook food over high heat to brown quickly and seal in juices. Heat is then reduced for the remainder of cooking time. Good cookware is essential to successful searing.

What does mix mean?


To mix means to combine ingredients evenly with spoon or mixer.

What does sift mean?


Sifting means to put your dry ingredient through a flour sifter or fine sieve.

What´s an easy seasoning tip?

Too Much Salt

This is a question I receive frequently...

If you use too much salt in a soup recipe, what can you do to "de-salt" it? It seems to me that I read once that adding a raw potato or a piece of raw apple would do that. Any suggestions?

Yes, if you add a raw potato to the broth and then simmer until the potato is cooked, it will take some of the salt out...mainly because it is absorbing some of the broth as well. You can also add more unsalted broth or liquid to your soup, or if it is really oversalted, you might want to double the can always freeze the extra soup for a later date.

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