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What Was One Of Julia Child's Best Tips for Fancy Cutting?

Julia Child's Tip For Fancy Cuts

Julia Child also focused on dazzling cuts and shapes in her dishes. For example, she offered this tidbit for fancy cutting of tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. When you are trying to do a tricky dicing or small julienne, take a peeled tomato, quarter it through the stem, and halve the quarters into wedges. Take each wedge and slide your knife just under the pulp to leave a smooth surface that you can shape any way you wish.

How Can I Find A Chef With Quick and Easy Recipes?

Rachel Ray Offers Time-Saving Meals

Rachel Ray's recipes have an emphasis on convenience. She boasts cooking classes that teach ways to make 30-minute meals. While her dishes are not as elaborate and gourmet as other celebrity chefs, her fans say that achieving good results from Ray's recipes are more within reach on a daily basis.

Does Emeril Cook With Organic Foods?

Emeril Goes Organic

Emeril Lagasse is one of the most well liked chefs in popular culture today. His television show, shown on cable television's Food Network, gets great ratings and he has a large following of fans and admirers. One reason for his popularity is his dedication to the art of food. Emeril says he does everything from scratch, a feat that every aspiring chef and culinary artist should aspire to accomplish. He focuses on organic foods to achieve a healthy, flavorful result. Organic foods are found at specialty grocery shops as well as major chains. There are varieties of organic items to incorporate into your daily menu. It is well worth the boost to your health and diet to try cooking with organic foods routinely.

Is It Okay To Use Boxed Ingredients In My Recipes?

Rachel Ray Uses Ingredients To Fit Any Budget

Rachel Ray uses boxed ingredients and cuts corners wherever possible --- to help busy cooks save time. She specializes in using ingredients found in any supermarket. Consider saving specialty items, such as spices that must be special ordered or cuts of meat that are only found in special markets, for holidays or other special occasions. When you are planning meals for family dinner during the week, make it easier on yourself by using ingredients from your neighborhood supermarket. Ray also specializes in using ingredients to fit any budget. Not putting a strain on your budget is an important factor of meal planning.

Does Martha Stewart Have Many Holiday Recipes?

Use Martha Stewart Recipes Around Holidays

Martha Stewart has also made a huge contribution to the world of cooking with her holiday recipes. The holidays are the time of the year when many people try new recipes for family and friends, many of which are dessert dishes. Stewart has cultivated a number of dessert recipes tailored to the holiday season.

What Influence Did Julia Child Have On The American Culinary Scene?

Child Introduced America To Art of Exotic Foods

Julia Child and her “Art of French Cooking” series made her one of the most revered chefs of all time. Child focused on details --- which often make the meal. Child introduced American culture to the concept of using exotic ingredients and foods in meals to add some variety to dinnertime.

What Is The Benefit Of A Cooking Show?

Consider Cooking Shows For Culinary Instruction

Cooking shows are also a great form of instruction for those trying to learn new things in the culinary world. For example, Chef Jean-Pierre has appeared on a number of cooking shows, including as a guest on the “Today' show. Cooking shows can give instruction while giving you an opportunity to watch and learn before ever attempting the dish in your own kitchen. Most shows also have an online component, which gives you the opportunity to watch how the chef creates the dish, get a recipe from the Web site and try it yourself.

How Important Is It For Meal To Be Plated Nicely?

Martha Stewart Is Queen Of Homemaking

Martha Stewart is the queen of all things to do with homemaking. Her culinary skills are only rivaled by her various other homemaking abilities. One of the things that Stewart has taught many of her fans is that it is equally important for food to both taste good and plate nicely. Stewart's line of dishes, as well as various other product lines, makes your food look nice with bright colors and pleasing designs. Nice dishes and utensils can help your guests to enjoy your food and the home entertaining aspect of your meals.

What Is The Benefit of Taking A Cooking Class?

Chef Jean-Pierre Teaches Aspiring Chefs New Tricks

Chef Jean-Pierre is a world-renowned chef who has taken the art of cooking and the process of learning to cook to a new level. He is an accomplished author whose cookbooks provide instruction for beginner cook as well as those who are simply trying to learn new tips and tricks. His cooking classes sell out each time they are offered, which shows how coveted his instruction is by cooking connoisseurs and others who are aspiring for a hobby or career in cooking. Cooking classes are a great way to learn a new recipe or tips on cooking everyday meals that help your dishes to come out as close to perfection as possible. Look in your local phonebook or ask around in your community to find out what kind of cooking classes are available to help bring out the best in your culinary talents.

Does Emeril Pair Food and Wine?

Emeril "Kicks It Up A Notch" With Food and Wine Pairings

Emeril is lively and likes to “kick it up a notch” in most of his recipes. One strategy to do this is with food and wine combinations. At his New Orleans restaurant, Emeril boasts a seven-course tasting menu, with each course matched with a specific wine. Wine is a lovely accompaniment to most foods and can enhance the flavor of just about any dish.

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