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How do I can fruit jams and jellies?

Canning Fruit Jams and Jellies

Have you ever considered canning fruit jams and jellies? While this certainly is not an instantaneous project, it is certainly doable for those with patience. While this guide is not the most in-depth set of directions, it will give you an idea where to start.

Before you begin, you will need a few basic items and ingredients. These include fruit (any variety of your choice), pectin, funnel, lemon juice, a large pot, a canner, ball jars, lids, rings, spoons, ladels, and a jar grabber. (If most of these items sound foreign to you, a quick web search on canning basics will often help guide you to online retailers or give you a visual to what you are looking for when shopping.)

You will also need a recipe for the particular fruit jam or jelly you intend to make. Most recipes include detailed instruction on the canning step.

While it does take a bit of time to get acquainted with the canning process, creating your own fruit jams and jellies can be rewarding.

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