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How to cook an Omelette - Cooking Tips - Cooking Tricks

Breakfast should be simple, easy and nutritious. Watch this video to learn how to make the perfect omelette.

Gordon Ramsay: The Perfect Steak

Learn how to cook the perfect steak with that little bit of extra spice, as served by Gordon Ramsay

Basic Knife Skills

There will be no tool you use more than the knife in your kitchen. Knowing how to use it will make you safer and more flexible in your abilities.

Introduction to Basic Cookery

Do you have an interest in the culinary vocation? Than learn from the professionals and follow their course to cooking!

Introduction to Cooking Techniques

We all have to start somewhere. A culinary student teaches the novice cooking enthusiast on how to begin their journey to becoming a solid chef, with confidence, in their very own kitchen.

Mythbusters Host Cooks Eggs

Did you know Adam Savage liked to cook? Neither did we, his specialty is eggs!

Iron Chef America: Bayless v. Bobby Flay

Iron Chef America is one of the most popular cooking shows of all time. Find out why by watching these two masters have a cook off.

Cooking with Mr. Bean

Okay, maybe we shouldn't be following his cooking advice but Mr. Bean is hilarious and on point as usual.

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