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Pichet Ong

Instagram: @pichetong

A self taught pastry chef, Pichet Ong is a New Yorker who grew up in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His account portays an array of delectable delights that will have your mouth watering at first click!

Joann Pai's Slice of Pai

Instagram: @sliceofpai

Joanna Pai became a food stylist and photographer after a trip to Paris. From sugary sweets to delectable confections, her page will leave you wanting more.

Sonya Yu

Instagram: @sonyayu

Sonya Yu's imagery depicting food layouts is nothing short of art.


Instagram: @carolineadobo

Caroline was born in the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles as a teen. She married a Brazilian and certainly gains inspiration from all over the world. Her pages makes me want to sample a little bit of everything!

Tara O’Brady

Instagram: @taraobrady

Tara O’Brady has an account filled with her own artistic creations from mouth-watering breads to pastries and biscuits. Delish.

Patrick Janelle

Instagram: @aguynamedpatrick

Patrick is a New Yorker whose food photographs looks like modern-day still-lifes.

Rick Poon

Instagram: @rick_poon

A Los Angeles photographer who describes himself as a wanderer. Visiting his account is like going on a getaway to another land. Quite enjoyable.


Instagram: @oshxonauz

The best Uzbekistan foods are shown on this user's account. The imagery depicted could quite seriously be presented as art.


Instagram: @wardtmim

The best pictures of Arabic, Middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, you simply must check out this account. The images depicted are stunning, vibrant and intriguing.

Stylish Eats

Pinterest: @ventepriveeusa/stylish-eats

This fun board posts pictures, recipes, and food ideas with a classy appearance and wonderful taste. Get inspired with appetizers and meals as well as drinks and desserts.


Pinterest: @buzzfeed/drinks

This aptly titled Pinterest focuses on beverages. Serving a new drink with meals can invigorate them. Sample recipes include spiced apple cider, non-alcoholic sangria, and a blood orange cocktail.


Pinterest: @damndelicious/cupcakes

This board by Chef Chung-Ah Rhee will appeal to those who love baking. Endless cupcake inspiration abounds. Learn how to make cherry almond, s'mores, chocolate and applesauce, and crème brulee cupcakes plus many more.

Cooking Classy Desserts

Pinterest: @cooking-classy-desserts

For more desserts besides cupcakes, try this board by Jaclyn. It features such recipes as lemon bars, s'mores oatmeal Hershey Kiss cookies, red velvet brownies, and Nutella chocolate mousse.

Averie Cooks (Breakfast)

Pinterest: @averie/breakfast

Averie Sunshine has a variety of boards under the name of Averie Cooks. In this case, this Pinterest focuses on breakfast. Get inspiration through delicious images of cake batter waffles, chocolate and strawberry Kahlua crepes, and whole-wheat oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes.

Taylor Williams' Cooking Ideas

Pinterest: @taylorlynnewill/cooking-ideas

For meals of all sorts, try this board by Taylor Williams. Here you can learn to make winning guacamole, lasagna dip, macarons, and homemade macaroni and cheese, to name a few.

Best Comfort Foods

Pinterest: @lindadwiseman/best-comfort-foods

Comfort foods fill you up with deliciousness. Please the whole family with such meal ideas as cornbread with goat cheese, artichoke dip with garlic toast, and spicy beer-battered shrimp for dinner. For dessert, try strawberries and ice cream cake.

From Scratch

Pinterest: @rachaelmay/from-scratch

Let your cooking passion spark again with meals made entirely from scratch. You can prepare your own fried chicken, applesauce, oatmeal, jelly, rolls, and cinnamon buns from this Pinterest.

FOOD/Chicken & Turkey

Pinterest: @jennanzm/food-chicken-turkey

This Pinterest by My Boards features all kinds of poultry. Learn how to make a great fajita seasoning or a chicken Alfredo biscuit bake for a really presentable and fancy meal sure to pull you out of your rut.

Healthy Nutrition & Cooking Tips, Inspiration

Pinterest: @POPSUGARFitness/healthy-nutrition-cooking-tips-inspiration

One of POPSUGAR's fitness boards, this page has great ideas for recipes, tips for dining out, and other inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle.

Food Network

Twitter: @FoodNetwork

This national television network does more than post about its programs. It also boasts helpful and informative recipes and even healthy meals that you can eat to slim down.

Cooking Channel

Twitter: @CookingChannel

This major network has a bevy of recipes from breakfast to dessert. For example, you can learn how to make pimento cheese sandwiches or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that won't increase your waistline.

Fine Cooking

Twitter: @finecooking

Fine Cooking is a television series based out of Connecticut. You can learn how to make delicious meals from top professional chefs and cooks as well as pick up a new technique or two on this Twitter.

Jamie Oliver

Twitter: @jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver, a renowned cook, fights obesity with his recipes. You can check out his Recipe of the Day for a delightful and healthy meal to cook daily.

Rachel Ray

Twitter: @rachaelray

Rachel Ray uses her Twitter to promote her television show, where you can watch and learn to cook meals for seasonal or everyday purposes. You can even pick up a gluten-free recipe or two.

Bobby Flay

Twitter: @bflay

Bobby Flay, one of the best-known cooks in the nation, maintains a Twitter account. It has restaurant news and food temptations as well as recipes.

Cooking Light

Twitter: @Cooking_Light

If you really do want to maintain your weight through yummy food, follow Cooking Light's Twitter. You can feed your family healthier meals that still taste great.

Giada De Laurentiis

Twitter: @GDeLaurentiis

Italian chef and Food Network personality Giada De Laurentiis also has an account. She posts recipes, shares snapshots of her own meals, and promotes her television programs.

Emeril Lagasse

Twitter: @Emeril

Emeril Lagasse, the television personality and chef, can instruct you on making food with New Orleans flair. You can also learn how to prepare lower-calorie meals and desserts.

Guy Fieri

Twitter: @GuyFieri

Television personality Guy Fieri tempts with tasty food images as well as his own products. He posts links and information about restaurants as well.

Cook's Illustrated


Cook's Illustrated combines the talents of many chefs, along with taste test results, equipment reviews, and of course, favorite recipes, with gorgeous videos showing you step by step how to prepare everything from brioche to roasted cauliflower.

The Food of the Mediterranean


A blog that features tips and recipes from the Mediterranean region is The Food of the Mediterranean. The entire region is explored, with recipes from Morocco to France, featuring all the goodness of the Mediterranean diet.

The Asian Food Grocer


The Japanese diet is one of the healthiest since it's low in fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids (from fish). Check out The Asian Food Grocer which, far from being only an online market, it also provides wonderful recipes and instructions on preparation.

Just Hungry


Just Hungry discusses Japanese cuisine, libation, and tradition with rich stories and photos.

My Jewish Learning


My Jewish Learning makes searching for special occasion recipes fast and easy with their listings right on the front page.

Cook's Country


American cooking, of course, incorporates every culture that has emigrated and made this country great. These recipes are featured in full color and explanations in Cook's Country along with history and videos.

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