Top 10 Apps for Kitchen Mastery and Fun

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Top 10 Apps for Kitchen Mastery and Fun

Cooking should be a fun experience, one in which you learn a lot. However, for beginners who need help, you may feel scared venturing into the kitchen. Luckily, your smartphone can give you instruction along the way, whether you want to find recipes, perform measurements or learn new techniques. Check out these top 10 apps.

1. Escoffier Cook's Companion on iPhone

This app helps you prepare a meal from beginning to end. You can convert measurements, read about ingredients, and flip through a glossary of kitchen colloquialisms. Even better, the app is free and not meant for professionals, just those that want to cook at home.

2. Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals on Android or iPhone

For just seven dollars, you can make plenty of interesting and tasty meals in just 20 minutes. You can read what ingredients you need and take the steps to cook. The price may dissuade some.

3. Appetites on iPhone

If you want to learn from the chefs but can't afford culinary school, try Appetites. Video instruction guides you along with plenty of recipes. The only con is that only certain videos are free.

4. BigOven on Android or iPhone

If you want access to over 200,000 recipes, then this app is for you. Not only that, but you can write a grocery list and even borrow recipes from your friends. The only con is that you have to have an idea of what you're doing in the kitchen to make these meals.

5. How to Cook Everything on iPhone

If you don't want any limitations to your meal plan, try this app. For five dollars, you can browse over 2,000 recipes with over 400 instruction sets. The only con is that this app only works for iPhones.

6. The Photo Cookbook on iPhone

If you learn visually, the Photo Cookbook app is perfect. Large, high-quality images teach you to prepare a variety of meals. One con is that you need to do in-app purchasing to get access to more recipes.

7. Weber's On the Grill on Android or iPhone

This app is ideal for grill lovers. You can learn all about which rubs, sauces, and marinades work best on which meats. The app cost five dollars, which may deter those looking for free recipes.

8. Perfect Produce on Android or iPhone

If you want to know when apple season is or if that cucumber went rotten, this app can tell you. This is perfect to bring on the go when grocery shopping. This app has no cons.

9. Paprika Recipe Manager on Android or iPhone

This app manages your recipes and sets up meal plans and grocery lists. However, it costs five dollars, which may be a con.

10. Slow Cooker Recipes on Android or iPhone

If you like comfort food and don't mind taking the time, slow cooker meals can be delicious. This free app can show you how to make every slow cooker meal you can imagine. It has no cons.



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