Easy Way to Can Fresh Berries

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How can I preserve all the berries I picked?

Easy Way to Can Fresh Berries

So, it's summertime and the berry bushes were full of beautiful berries, and now you're in your kitchen facing gallons of fruit that won't keep in its fresh state for more than a couple days.

If this happens to you and you need to get a lot of berries canned up quickly, you don't have to worry about pectin or straining. Just put all the berries into a big pot, crush them slightly, heat to boiling, and add only as much sugar as tastes good to you. There's no minimum for the sugar, since you're not trying to activate any pectin. Pour the hot berries into sterile jars, seal the jars, and water-process them. You now have berry topping to use on yogurt, waffles, pancakes, ice cream and pound cakes throughout the winter.



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