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Strong Metal Tongs Have a Variety of Uses

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What is a good multi-purpose kitchen tool?

Strong Metal Tongs Have a Variety of Uses

Every kitchen should have a pair of strong metal tongs. Professional kitchens are never without them. The reasons for this are many. Weaker tongs are useless for picking up heavier foods like pasta or meat. A good pair of metal tongs can withstand the same heat that a pan can handle. Furthermore, a weak pair of tongs is not only difficult to work with, but it is potentially dangerous. If they break while handling hot food, a cook can be severely burned.

While cooking just about any meal, tongs can replace a number of tools. They can be used to pull light hot items from the oven. They can be used as salad or pasta tongs. They can be used in lieu of a spatula for turning or spoon for stirring. Of course, they can also be used for their traditional purpose of flipping meats as well. They are a third hand that does not burn.



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