A Healthy Alternative to Vegetable Oil

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What is a healthy alternative to vegetable oil?

A Healthy Alternative to Vegetable Oil

Applesauce can be substituted for vegetable oil in most recipes. This works especially well when making baked goods. This substitution can be used when baking from scratch or when using box mixes. For the best results, use unsweetened store-bought applesauce. Homemade applesauce can be used as well, but be sure it has been thoroughly pureed. To substitute, simply double the amount of oil called for in the recipe and add that amount of applesauce. For example, if the recipe requires 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, add 2/3 cup of applesauce. When baking with applesauce in place of vegetable oil, there is no need to adjust any other elements of your recipe. Bake at the same temperature for the same length of time directed. You will find that your baked goods come out of the oven slightly more moist, and healthier.



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