Tips For Cooking With Crabs

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Should I Get Live Crabs For Seafood Recipes?

Tips For Cooking With Crabs

Additional tips for cooking with crabs include:

*If possible, purchase live crabs for seafood recipes. They should move around and be alert upon purchase. They should smell fresh and salty --- similar to their ocean environment. If they smell odd or too fishy, do not buy them.

*If you are not able to access live crabs, look for cooked crabmeat, thawed on the day of purchase and has little to no smell.

* Do not buy already deceased crabs

*If you are feeding a small group of people, a pound and a half of crabmeat is equivalent to 10-15 hard-shelled crabs. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is six hard-shelled crabs or two soft-shelled crabs per person.



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