Tilt Saucepan To Avoid Splattering Injuries

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How Can I Avoid Being Splattered By The Oil In A Saucepan?

Tilt Saucepan To Avoid Splattering Injuries

A common injury incurred by beginner chefs is burning themselves while sauteing food in a saucepan. The oil, butter or grease can easily splatter from the saucepan to the chef and cause serious burns. To avoid this potential injury, tilt the pan in the opposite direction whenever you add food to the pan before laying it flat again. This short, easy method can prevent any splatters and burns.



7/26/2006 2:25:06 PM
Barbara Barfoot said:

When you say tilt it in the opposite direction, do you actually mean tilt it away from yourself, so that the pan is highest on the side nearest you?


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