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Question 1

Will a fresh egg float in water?


Question 2

Will a hard boiled egg spin on the counter easier than a raw egg?


Question 3

Is it better for egg whites to be cold when you use them?


Question 4

Which of the following ingredients, when added to the water, help in preventing hard boiled eggs from cracking in the water?

Both of the Above
Neither of the Above

Question 5

Should you start with hot water when hard boiling eggs?


Question 6

Are older or newer eggs easier to peel when they are hard boiled?

Older Eggs
Newer Eggs
It doesn´t matter.

Question 7

What can you add to egg whites to make them thicken faster?

Pinch of sugar
Tablespoon of flour
Pinch of salt
Teaspoon of milk

Question 8

What can you add to grated cheese, before you freeze it, to prevent the cheese from sticking together?

Baking Soda
Lemon Juice

Question 9

What is the correct way to add an egg to hot liquid?

Scramble it with a fork, then add it.
Separate the white from the yolk and add the yolk first.
Cool the liquid first, then add the egg.
When adding an egg to a hot liquid, beat the egg in a little dish first, then add just a little of the hot liquid to the egg and stir in. Then add the egg mixture into the pan.

Question 10

How should you store leftover yolks?

They can be stored in a jar with a little oil on top.
In a bowl in the refrigerator.
In a dish in the freezer.
Mix with water and place in covered dish in the refrigerator.

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