Avocado Preparation

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How do I prepare an avocado?

Avocado Preparation

First remove the stem from the fruit. Using a sharp knife, slice the avocado in half, turning the avocado on the blade as you slice. Twist the avocado halves to pull apart. If possible, scoop the seed out with a spoon. If the seed won't come out with a gentle tug, then pierce the seed with your knife. Give the blade a gentle twist and remove the seed. Make a small slice down the skin on the outside, and simply peel it away. Now you are ready to serve it, slice or mash for guacamole.



2/18/2007 6:50:58 PM
Heather said:

keep the pit! the avocado's hard interior may not be edible, but if you stick it in a container of guacamole, it will slow down the browning process that inevitably turns your bright green dip into a brown one. Mashed up avocado with a bit of salt is a great replacement for the mayo in your sandwiches, plus it's way better for you.


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