Cake Flour

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Can I use cake flour instead of regular flour when I bake cookies?

Cake Flour

Having a flour dilemna? You can substitute cake flour for regular flour when you bake cookies, but your cookies will most likely spread out more than they would with regular flour. Cake or pastry flour is a fine-textured, soft-wheat flour with a high starch content. It makes particularly tender cakes and pastries. Also remember to use top quality bakeware for best results with any baking, be it cookies or cakes.



6/22/2006 8:17:41 PM
Lynne Christen said:

I have had several disasters trying to substitute cake flour for regular flour in cookies, especially when the recipe also calls for softened butter. Seems like the combo usually results in failure.

2/25/2010 12:29:44 PM
Janet said:

The reason cake flour doesn't really work that well as a substitute flour: it that cake flour contains cornstarch to 'lighten' it into a cake flour.


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