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Tasty Ideas with Fresh Fruit

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What topping can you use with fresh fruit?

Tasty Ideas with Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be served without sugar and still have a great taste. Always remove the skin from peaches, apples, and similar fruit before eating. Cut fruit into bite size pieces and splash with lemon or lime juice before eating. This adds a tangy flavor to berries and mixed fruits. Top fresh fruit with ricotta cheese and chopped nuts for a flavorful dessert. When adding fresh cherries, remove pits and then cut in half. Fresh fruit mixed with yogurt and granola is another tasty treat. A simple ambrosia recipe would use fresh pineapple, oranges, chopped nuts, sour cream and grated coconut. Mix the pineapple, orange segments, chopped nuts and sour cream and add the grated coconut. Chill and serve with whipped cream if desired. Whipped cream or sour cream is another great topping for fresh fruit to give it that extra wow factor.

When preparing fresh fruit, always wash it even with the skin on or off. Rinse in colander and drain. Remove skin with potato peeler instead of knife. Cut fruit on stable surface, like a cutting board. Try mixing different fruits for a new taste in fruit salads. Try some new fruits you never had before to give your diet the fresh fruit variety it needs. Try blood oranges, star fruit, cranberries, kiwi, guava, or lychee.



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