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Baked Tilapia

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Baked Tilapia

Tilapia can be a very healthy dish, especially when you cut out any extra salt. Two options diabetics can choose from is to use lemon juice or a lemon pepper seasoning. Spray a baking pan with olive oil cooking spray and then insert your fillets. Add two tbsp. of lemon juice for each fillet, or sprinkle on some lemon pepper seasoning. Cover with aluminum foil and cook at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. You will be able to fluff the fish with a fork when it is completely cooked. Serve over white rice with a side of steamed carrots.



3/5/2010 1:43:03 PM
barbara shubeck said:

I want to make this for my sick diabetic husband, but I need the total carbohydrate count for this mean, like the fish, carrots, and rice in how much also this would include. A great recipe, and I thank you. E-mail is


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