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Edible Tomato Bowls

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Edible Tomato Bowls

Tomato bowls are a great way to dress up your veggies so that your children will want to eat them. Slice your tomato in half and then scoop out the insides. You can use the insides in a soup, on top of a salad, or to make homemade pasta sauce later on. Fill your half of a tomato with baby carrots and celery sticks. Add a little bit of fat free dressing to the bottom of the tomato bowl for dipping.

You can also chop up some cheddar cheese and pepperoni and throw that in the tomato instead of the veggies. Another option is to chop up some lettuce and make a small salad that can be eaten out of the tomato. Whatever you decide, your child can eat the tomato after they eat its contents. Just keep a little salt handy and you are good to go.



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