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Softening Brown Sugar

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What can I do when my brown sugar gets compacted and hard as a rock?

Softening Brown Sugar

There are many ways to soften brown sugar, but this one is a good one becuase you will probably have the items in your pantry. Put the hard brown sugar in a plastic container and line the top with plastic wrap. Put a wet, (not dripping) paper towel on top and cover. In a day you will be able to use the brown sugar. Another one is to purchase a small terra cotta heart or other item, soak it in water and keep it in the sugar.



3/23/2008 9:44:55 PM
Ed Moyle said:

Make it real easy on yourself in the first place. Get a Mason (wide mouth) jar and put the sugar in. Holds indefinetly.

11/23/2008 3:34:27 PM
elizabeth said:

I have tried the wet paper towel idea and it works


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