How Can You Counteract Too Much Salt in Soup?

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i added too mush salt to my soup. what can i add to counteract the saltiness?thanx in advance

How Can You Counteract Too Much Salt in Soup?

Don't despair. There are a couple of possibilities to reduce too much salt in your soup. Adding a couple of large slices of peeled white potatoes to the soup to simmer will often absorb some of the salt taste. Better yet, if the soup's entire volume can be increased, such as a vegetable soup or tomato-based chowder, just add more initial ingredients (no more salt) to double your recipe, reduce the salt and have a second great batch of soup to freeze for another meal.

Avoid this problem in the future by monitoring the sodium content on cans of ingredients used in any recipe. High sodium in canned ingredients is often a culprit when other canned soups and sauces as a base. Never add extra salt without tasting. A squirt or two of fresh lemon juice adds a good "salty" and fresh taste (without adding more unhealthy sodium) to soups and stews.



5/25/2009 1:51:35 PM
Princess Kennedy said:

Half a peeled raw potato or sugar


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