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How to Hardboil Eggs

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How long does it take to hardboil extra-large eggs?

How to Hardboil Eggs

No matter what size eggs you use, the instructions are roughly the same. To hardboil eggs, put them in a pan in a single layer. Add enough cold water to just cover them. Using high heat, bring to a rapid boil. Immediately remove from heat. Cover and let stand only 15 to 20 minutes. Extra-large eggs will need about 20 minutes, no more. When time's up, pour out the hot water. Run cold water over them or cool them in ice water. Cool eggs quickly and don't overcook them. Then you won't have that ugly greenish ring.



9/26/2006 11:10:49 AM
A said:

Great advice. I wasn't ever sure on how long to cook the eggs, I just guessed and usually got the green ring - really discusting.

4/5/2007 3:35:12 PM
Schwinn said:

Every year at easter time I have to call my mother in law and ask to hardboil eggs. I always ended up with icky green ring. NOT THIS YEAR!!!

4/5/2007 8:51:11 PM
Monse Maragano said:

You can also add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the water to keep the eggs from cracking while boiling.

2/8/2010 12:54:27 PM
EggGirl said:

Shocking the eggs is not a good idea. Just like other proteins, you should bring them to room temperature before shocking them with high heat.
The best way to have perfect hard-boiled eggs that peel easily (and make for good deviled eggs) is to allow the eggs to come to room temperature first, then bring them to a boil. Leave the eggs out for an hour, then put them in temperate water, then slowly bring to a boil. Follow the rest of the directions above.


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