Brushing Up on Basting

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Recently, I tried to brush cooking juices on a chicken I was roasting when the bristles on my basting brush melted! Is there such a thing as a basting brush with bristles that can stand up to high temperatures?

Brushing Up on Basting

If you've ever had the rather disconcerting experience of having the bristles melt or fall out of your basting brush while basting, then silicone will change your life! Bristles made from silicone won't fall out and can resist heat up to 450 degrees F, (some will go even higher!). Not only that, the bristles remain odor free, nor will they stain or lose their shape. As if that weren't enough, silicone brushes are dishwasher safe so you'll never have to struggle again with removing a stubborn oily marinade or sticky glaze.



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