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Whisks Are Versatile Cooking Tools

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What Is The Advantage Of Using A Whisk?

Whisks Are Versatile Cooking Tools

The whisk is one of the most versatile cooking tools found in most kitchens. Whisks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used to prepare just about any dish. A whisk is made of thin, wire loops that attach to a handle and is used to whip food, usually in a large bowl or pot. Traditional whisks are made of wire; however, modern whisks can also be made of nylon. Common designs and uses include:

Nylon flat whisk: Used for gravies and delicate sauces.

Triangle whisks: Eggs, gravy, good for edging bowls and pans.

Traditional balloon whisk: Using for meringues, whipped cream, and other delicate pie fillings. If the balloon head is large, the air mixes into the sauces.



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