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Ground Beef Variations

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How Many Variations of Ground Beef Are There?

Ground Beef Variations

Ground beef comes in a number of variations. They include: Ground Hamburger: Made from the less desirable cuts of beef. It usually includes trimmings from other meat cuts, including sirloin, chuck, ribs and more, all mixed up in ground hamburger. It may have added fat, but the USDA restricts the amount of fat to 30%. Ground Beef: Essentially the same makeup as ground hamburger, but cannot have added fat. Specialty Ground Beef: Specific cuts of beef ground into one package. For example, specialty ground beef is ground chuck or ground sirloin. However, just because the cut is specific, does not mean that the meat is leaner than ground hamburger. Guidelines are as such: Ground chuck is 80 to 85 percent lean and 15 to 20 percent fat; Ground round is 85 to 90 percent lean and 10 to 15 percent fat and Ground sirloin is 90 to 92 percent lean and 8 to 10 percent fat. Lean Ground Beef: Similar to regular ground beef, but containing a maximum of 22% fat Extra Lean Ground Beef: Also similar to regular ground beef, but containing a maximum of 15% fat .



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