Tips On Cooking Techniques

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What Do I Need To Know About Cooking Basics?

Tips On Cooking Techniques

Several cooking techniques are important to know. They include:

Simmering: This means you are heating a substance to a high temperature. It comes close to boiling, but does not get hot enough to create bubbles. Food has the potential to stick to the bottom when you are simmering, so stir occasionally.

Sautéing: When you sauté an item, you are cooking it in an oil or substance, preferably flavored, over medium heat. Sauteing is best at high heat, the oil should be at least at 375 degrees to avoid from penetrating inside the food.

Marinating: Marinating means to soak a food in oil, spices or seasonings and make it more flavorful and tender. Food generally marinates for extended periods at a time.



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